Linda Richichi Uses Intuition to Unlock Your Creativity

The Chalice of the Soul by Linda Richichi

Hudson Valley artist and teacher Linda Richichi has always let her intuition be the muse that inspires her creativity. Well known for painting plein-air landscapes, Richichi captures nature’s energy and transforms it into a brilliance of color that is both beautiful and mystical. She recently let her intuitive awareness propel her onto a new journey of channeling information about people and expressing it through images. Richichi says these “Soul Portraits” capture a person’s unique essence. “It’s all about trusting the images that come to you, not judging them,” she says.

This fall Richichi continues her series of workshops that explore this process and inspire others to tap into their own intuition as a means of discovering and expanding their creativity. “I loved working with Linda,” says Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, who attended an earlier workshop.  “I’m not an artist, but it didn’t matter. The exercises we did were amazing. I created a beautiful collage and later realized it actually helped me work out some issues.”

Richichi’s next workshop, Intuitive Expressions, takes place on September 18.

For more info and workshop locations, visit or call 845.527.1146.

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