Juice Fasting for Health at New Age Health Spa in the Catskills

New Age Health Spa

New Age Health Spa, a destination spa just one hour northwest of Westchester in the Catskill Mountains, offers numerous unique and innovative ways to relax, improve health and relieve stress. Time spent at a destination spa renews mind, body and spirit, leaving visitors energized, focused, and ready to enjoy benefits that last long after they return home.

Spring is a great time to try the Juice Fasting Program at New Age Health spa. Fasting with fresh juices can help to awaken the body’s innate healing abilities and create better health. Throughout history, people have fasted for many reasons including physical healing, religious tradition and tests of willpower. In recent times juice fasting is more commonly associated with cleansing and detoxification, transitioning to a healthier diet, breaking food addictions or jumpstarting a weight loss program. At New Age Health Spa, where their Juice Fasting Program has been in place for 25 years, guests can customize their own individual fasting experience with selections from a diverse menu of classes, lectures and spa treatments to help them achieve their unique goals. The program also offers the opportunity to fast among like-minded people with guidance and support from supportive and well-informed staff members.

New Age Health Spa offers a number of affordable, all-inclusive packages. For information and reservations, call 800.682.4348 or visit newagehealthspa.com.

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