New Home for Infinite Possibilities, a Permanent Weight loss Center in Peekskill, NY

Left to right: Diane Snyder, Eileen Connolly, Carol Rokisky, SHIMA KIDD, Kimberly Belotti, Janis Hayes, Deidre Galbo, and Phillip Angeles

Infinite Possibilities, Inc. has moved to a new location at 1132 Main Street in Peekskill, NY. At Infinite Possibilities, clients receive a comprehensive education of the RAPID K system of weight loss through body cleansing. The combined benefits of acupressure and natural foods help clients to lose weight quickly and feel terrific without feeling hungry. This individualized program addresses each client’s special needs, from health issues to proportional weight loss. Owner Shima Kidd makes sure that clients receive individual support throughout the program, ensuring that they are successful. Infinite Possibilities assures that the weight loss and phenomenal gifts of health and wellness are sustainable.

Eileen Connolly, who lost 80 lbs in three months on the program and has maintained her new weight for more than 3 years, recently joined Infinite Possibilities to conduct the comprehensive, no obligation orientation sessions. These sessions provide great insight into some of the reasons for weight gain, along with an informative, honest discussion about the expectations and requirements of the RAPID K system of weight loss through Body Cleansing. Attendees to the free seminar who wish to participate can start the program immediately or return at a later date.

Infinite Possibilities is located at 1132 Main Street, First Floor, in Peekskill, NY. For more information call 914.788.WELL (9355) or visit

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