Shaman Performs Weddings and Other Meaningful Ceremonies

Mikki Baloy Davis

Traditional societies have often celebrated and honored life changes and events with ceremony. Today, ceremonies can still be used to recognize transitions in life or nature, set intentions, connect to Spirit, release the old and welcome the new, says shamanic practitioner and minister Mikki Baloy Davis of Pamo Healing.

“Weddings, baptisms, and funerals are the big events we tend to think of first,” says Davis, who professes a passion for creating ceremonies, “but we can also mark retirements, divorces, new careers, new homes, and any transition that feels significant.” Davis says her ceremonies help people to pause, make space to acknowledge where they are, and be witnessed in the process. “People notice a shift,” she says. “There’s richness and wonder that wasn’t there before.”

Davis offers ceremony writing and healing sessions in her Pleasantville office. Special packages are available for engaged couples and new parents. Ordained in the Circle of the Sacred Earth, Davis works with clients of many faiths and backgrounds to honor the cycles and transitions of life.

Pamo Healing is located at 29 Marble Avenue in Pleasantville, NY. For more information and to make an appointment, visit or call 917.620.0444.

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