Six-week Birthing From Within Course Begins April 27, 2011 in Chappaqua

Victoria Gearity, Birthing From Within Mentor

Birthing From Within classes are rooted in the belief that each woman possesses intuitive knowledge of how to birth her baby. The course teaches mothers to nurture and trust their bodies and their babies during pregnancy and birth. Partners recognize their role as guardians of the birth and learn how to foster a safe environment for the laboring mother. Through breath awareness practice, birth art creations, medical support awareness, and the development of body and baby attunement skills, parents prepare for the transformative journey of birth.

A six-week Birthing From Within course begins April 27 at the Yoga Yurt in Chappaqua. The class meets Wednesdays from 6:45-9 p.m. and the cost per couple is $350. In addition to the class sessions, instructor Victoria Gearity offers 1 postpartum visit to all new parents.

Gearity says that the decision about whether or not to use drugs during birth has nothing to do with a woman’s courage or pain tolerance and everything to do with her faith in her body and her baby. “There may come a time when the compassionate use of drugs or medical support is a mother’s safest and best choice,” says Gearity. “If she is able to approach that decision from a place of awareness rather than fear, she will feel positively about her birth experience.” A woman’s birth experience can profoundly effect how she transitions to motherhood, Gearity adds.

To register, call Victoria Gearity at 917.685.6717 or visit

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