Mental Health and Relationship Counseling in White Plains and Now NYC

Dr. Jaz

Dr. Jaz announces the opening of his second  Precision Coaching and Counseling office in the Madison Medical Building in Manhattan. The new Murray Hill location at 161 Madison Avenue and 33rd Street is easy to access, and shares the building with noted anti-aging and metabolic syndrome specialist physician Dr. John Salerno. In this new setting, Dr. Jaz can offer his clients mind and body treatments in a balanced and thorough approach to maximize improvement as quickly as possible. The effects of depression, anxiety, stress and panic severely impact quality of life, he notes, limiting wealth building, and harming families, health and relationships. Dr. Jaz, who already has a practice in White Plains, can now offer more people the chance to become healthier, happier and more successful individuals while improving their relationships in the process.

Dr. Jaz specializes in relieving depression, anxiety, stress and panic. He also helps save relationship and marriages. For a free consultation, call 914.960.2882, email, or visit

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