Our Evolving Consciousness Around Money – November 2011 Edition

Marilee & Dana at Omega last month

I heard the term “Occupy Wall Street” for the first time just last month. Coincidentally, our editorial theme in November is Local and Personal Economy and it’s full of uplifting economic news.

Forget about the GDP, did you know there is something called the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) which measures economic progress and well-being as well as growth? In Bhuten, there is a Gross National Happiness index that researchers have been studying for years. This year the United Nations General Assembly urged countries to measure health and happiness as well as wealth.

Take heart in our evolving consciousness around money and read our feature article, “Economics of Happiness: The New Economy.” See page 36 or READ HERE.

And read “Supporting Universal Prosperity: A Peaceful Perspective Occupies Wall Street” for more feel good news. CLICK HERE.

November is also our 4 Year Publishing Anniversary and Dana and I are setting intentions for 2012. We intend to complete Phase I of our Provider Network in the Natural Awakenings Network (NAN) program and launch our corporate wellness program in early 2012. We’re also launching the new national Natural Awakenings Web Store: http://www.NAwebstore.com by Nov. 1st. CLICK HERE TO SHOP. We love this new site – it has all our favorite products! If you would like to sell your products on our national website, email us at WPCeditor@naturalawakeningsmag.com and we’ll send you some info.

Once again, we are creating the Annual Natural Living Directory (NLD) due out in January. It’s our third year publishing this go-to-guide packed with helpful information and our popular Practitioner Profiles. But this year, all the NLD listings will also be ONLINE , at no additional charge on our new website we’re launching January 1! 

As you can see, it is a very busy time for us so if you would like to be in the January Natural Living Directory, please contact us soon to make sure you get in.  Email DanaB@naturalawakeningsmag.com. Thank you!

Read our full November 2011 edition of Natural Awakenings Westchester/Putnam NY here.

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