The Facts about Vitamin D at Natural Awakenings Night with Dr. Robert Silverman on June 10, 2010

Dr. Robert Silverman of NY ChiroCare in White Plains, NY

All are invited to the next Natural Awakenings Night on Thursday, June 10, when Dr. Robert Silverman presents “Vitamin D.”  The “D” stands for “definitely” important!  Learn about the positive health effects of vitamin D, the proper levels to consume, the most active form of the vitamin and more.  Dr. Silverman seeks to dispel any and all myths about vitamin D as he hosts this free event from 7 to 9 p.m. in White Plains. There will also be a 10-minute demonstration of kettlebell exercises.

Dr. Robert Silverman has served the community for 10 years as a specialist in the diagnosis of joint pain and soft-tissue management. His treatments involve an innovative, established and well-researched approach to non-surgical care, while incorporating proper nutrition protocols. He is also a nationally known speaker who has published numerous articles on nutrition and treating and preventing sports injuries and joint pain.  For more information, visit

Dr. Silverman’s office is located at 280 Dobbs Ferry Rd., Suite 204, in White Plains, NY. RSVP is appreciated but last minute guests are always welcome. Call Natural Awakenings at 914.617.8750, or email

Eco-Friendly House Painting Ideas from Westchester-based CertaPro Painters

CertaPro Painter Peter Buttenwieser

Westchester-based CertaPro Painters want homeowners to know more about green painting options. Those planning to paint their homes should look for paints designated as “eco-friendly” or “green,” most often by containing low amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  To be considered Low VOC, paint must contain less than 250 grams of VOC per liter.  Paints sold as No VOC are limited to 5 grams per liter. Painters should also use a Low/No VOC primer and appropriate surface preparation techniques.

The most immediate benefits to using Low/No VOC products include no or little odor once the paint is dry, and a shorter waiting period before it’s safe and comfortable to occupy a room.  Longer term benefits include the reduction of toxins released into the air.

Potential downsides to the Low/No VOC products is that they can cost more than traditional acrylic paints and the range of colors may be limited, depending on the manufacturer.  Additionally, labeling standards are not uniform. Some paints may be labeled low odor, for example, while they are not Low VOC.

Several popular “green” paints recommended by CertaPro Painters include Harmony and Duration Home from Sherwin Williams (look for the Green Sure logo) and Natura from Benjamin Moore (look for the Green Promise designation).

To learn more about eco-friendly painting, contact Peter Buttenwieser of CertaPro Painters at 914.245.2260 or

Erectile Dysfunction – It’s Not in Your Head

by Minerva Santos, MD
Almost every man experiences an erectile problem at one time or another in his life. An estimated fifty percent of men over the age of forty are affected to some degree by Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ED is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection to complete sexual activity, and it can have devastating effects on relationships. Many couples feel uncomfortable talking about ED, which can become worse as performance anxiety increases.

Diabetes, smoking and high cholesterol are the three most significant causes of ED. Fatigue, stress or too much alcohol may also contribute to ED, as will anti-inflammatory drugs, “water pills,” some blood pressure medications, antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills and even some lipid lowering medications.

ED may also be nature’s way of telling a man that something more serious is going on. It’s a good predictor of coronary artery disease, for example, because restricted blood flow in the penis can indicate a narrowing of the arteries in the heart. Studies found that, among men developing ED, 2% had a significant heart event within one year, and 11% experienced such an event within five years. Those who are struggling with ED should therefore discuss it with their physician and undergo a complete cardiac evaluation.

While there medications on the market to treat ED, supplements like Zinc, flaxseed meal, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and L-Arginine have also been used to relieve the problem. Additionally, the herbs Asian ginseng and Ginkgo biloba can reduce ED in some men, especially those on antidepressants. Acupuncture, yoga and relaxation techniques have also been successful for some men experiencing this problem.

Dr. Minerva Santos practices Integrative Medicine in Yorktown Heights, NY. To contact her office, call 914.245.6800 or visit

Improve Your Golf Game: Play Smarter, Not Harder, with Pilates

by Melody F. Lin

Pilates Mat Class at The Art of Control Pilates Studio in Purchase College

Pilates Mat Class at The Art of Control Pilates Studio in Purchase College

Watching professional athletes, it’s easy to marvel at their strength and grace, and wonder about the key to their success. That key, it often turns out, is Pilates.

Professional Golfer Rich Beem credits his Pilates training as one of the main reasons  he was able to win the 2002 PGA Championship. “I really just focused in on tightening up my abdominal muscles,” Beem notes. “I know it sounds kind of crazy, but when I did that, I was able to take the pressure out of my arms and shoulders, and I was able to make a pretty free stroke.” Beem also credits Pilates with helping him to become “much better looking” and seem taller. “I’m now so stretched out and have such great posture that I look and feel like a different person,” says Beem.

Echoing Beem’s enthusiasm, Pro Golfer Rocco Mediate says “[Pilates] keeps me loose, keeps me fresh, keeps me strong.” Athletes from several other sports also report using Pilates to improve their games, including MLB pitcher Curt Schilling, NBA point guard Jason Kidd, NHL defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo and NFL offensive guard Ruben Brown.

Why Pilates?
This unique conditioning system was created by Joseph Pilates, who originally named his method the Art of Contrology. Pilates strengthens all muscles of the body, with a special focus on the core musculature. Pilates begins by strengthening the abdomen, lower back and hips, making the torso the power center of the body and allowing the rest of the body to move more freely. Pilates balances out strengthening with stretching, while also integrating mind-body awareness.

Unlike some other exercise trends, Pilates is here to stay. As of January 2007, more than 12 million Americans were reportedly practicing Pilates—a 605% increase since 2001. One reason for its popularity is that Pilates produces fast results, lengthening and strengthening muscles without adding bulk. As Joseph Pilates always said, “In 10 sessions, you feel a difference. In 20 sessions, you will see a difference. In 30 sessions, you will have a whole new body.”

Greater Strength from the Inside Out
Generally speaking, many people tend to work on strengthening their bodies through weight training, thus conditioning the body from the outside in. As a result, men especially can have limited flexibility, weak core musculature and poor postural strength. The remedy can be found in the six basic principles of the Pilates Method: Precision, Centering, Breathing, Concentration, Fluid Movement and Control.

For example, cross-training golf with Pilates is a better match than one might initially believe. Every golfer knows that the key to a successful golf swing is balance.  Unfortunately, golfers constantly torque their bodies throughout the game as they twist for a drive, lean for a ball or squat to measure out a putt. As these motions are repeated throughout a course of 18 holes, the same group of muscles is in constant use, thus wearing them out and causing overall imbalance. Such imbalance in the body can easily cause myriad health issues, including knee, hip and back pain—issues that could seriously affect one’s golf game.

Many pro golfers therefore use Pilates to strengthen their core muscles and increase their overall range of motion. In addition, greater back strength through Pilates training creates symmetry in the body and improves balance, reducing the risk of strain and injury and improving performance.

Power Up Your Game
Those looking to hit the golf course, tennis court, soccer field or basketball court this summer might try Pilates to improve physical conditioning and bring out their best. The Art of Control Pilates Studio in Purchase College, New York, offers instruction under Master Trainer Simona Cipriani, who trained directly with a disciple of Joseph Pilates. Cipriani, who has taught Pilates for the last 15 years, says she always welcomes new students.

To learn more about Pilates, visit or call 914.251.7842. Gift certificates available for Father’s Day.

Infinite Yoga Center in Larchmont, NY, New Name

The studio at Infinite Yoga Center

Athina Pride has changed the name of her wellness business to Infinite Yoga Center. A long-time resident of Westchester, Athina was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt to a Greek family. She has been teaching Kripalu yoga in the U.S. for 12 years, and says her mission is to offer the community a set of tools that aid in the exploration of the body, mind and spirit for a more joyful and conscious life.

Infinite Yoga Center features 29 classes a week, seven days a week, with certified and insured teachers who meet the credentials of the Yoga Alliance, a national registry of teachers. Class cards allow students flexibility and the chance to share cards with family. Seniors and students receive a 10% discount on all cards.

The center offers morning meditation, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and Integrative Yoga, which includes centering, breathing, strength-building, flexibility, restoration and relaxation. Other services at Infinite Yoga include massage, workshops, classes for kids and teens, yoga for flexibility, gentle yoga, yoga for core strength, and more.

Infinite Yoga Center is located at 2 East Avenue (Suite 205) in Larchmont, NY. For more information call 914.833.1210, email or visit

Yoga and Hiking in the Alps with Hasita Nadai this Summer

The Matterhorn, Yoginis and the Program leaders: Hasita and David

This July, yoga teachers Hasita Nadai and David Lurey will lead an exploration of body, mind and spirit in the dramatic setting of Cheneil, a small mountain village in the Alps. Hasita is a Kripalu yoga teacher and the creator of Yogagaia, a practice that fuses movement, music and story. She has roamed the Alps for 55 years and organized many trips and hikes in the Cheneil area. David teaches Mindful Spirited Vinyasa Yoga, bringing postural integrity, fluid movement and an open heart to the practice. He leads workshops and retreats worldwide.

Their summer program in the Alps runs from July 16 to 25 and includes morning yoga practice, followed by a hike with breathing techniques to energize and clear the mind. Afternoons will feature Yogagaia. Participants will also be able to enjoy partner yoga, music, special trips and free time. The package includes ten nights lodging, three meals a day, yoga, Yogagaia, and ground transportation to and from Milan Malpensa Airport.

For more information and to reserve your space on the trip, call Hasita at 914.723.2477, email or  visit Learn more about David’s work at

Get Pampered at Le Petite Spa in Croton-on-Hudson to Benefit the SPCA of Westchester

Spring is a great time to visit to the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor and bring home a furry new companion. However, if your home has already reached its pet-capacity, there’s still a way to support this wonderful organization and pamper yourself in the process. Visit the SPCA’s website at and look for the “Pampering for Paws” coupon, which offers $10 off any spa service at Le Petite Spa in Croton-on-Hudson. Print out the coupon and bring it to the spa when you make your appointment. For each coupon redeemed, Le Petite Spa will donate $10 to the SPCA of Westchester.

Le Petite Spa specializes in organic facials and offers the Yum Gourmet skincare line that is certified organic, certified vegan, and never tested on animals. It features naturally-harvested exotic botanical products, organic source vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients to deliver the most beneficial skin care possible. Le Petite Spa also offers massage therapy and reflexology.

The SPCA of Westchester provides shelter for hundreds of dogs and cats every year. It’s also the only humane society in Westchester County that’s empowered to enforce animal cruelty laws. Despite this, the organization gets no federal, state, or county funds and relies solely on donations. The SPCA is comprised of several acres and housed in the same Westchester location where it was founded in 1883. There are four separate kennel areas for dogs, a cattery and feline pavilion for cats, and the Simpson Spay/Neuter Clinic. Le Petite Spa and the SPCA invite all animal lovers to get pampered and support their furry friends during this special promotion.

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