Natural, Effective Allergy and Sinus Relief with a Funny Name

Hyun Kim

When herbalist Hyun Kim created Rhino Blaster it wasn’t called Rhino Blaster. It was simply known as “Hyun’s own personal nasal spray to relieve her allergy symptoms without the side effects of traditional medications.” When Hyun discovered how many other people were helped by her formulation, she decided to sell it and find a shorter name. Her friend dubbed it Rhino Blaster, and the name stuck.

Now, those suffering from allergies, stuffy sinuses or the uncomfortable dryness of winter air, indoor heating and airplane climates can purchase Rhino Blaster online, at some local pharmacies and at the birthplace of Rhino Blaster, Za Oh Pyung Acupuncture. Hyun says she wants to hear back from customers who use the product, too – especially if they want to buy another bottle.

Za Oh Pyung Acupuncture is located at 6 Depot Place in Scarsdale, NY. For more information and to purchase the product, visit

Getting Katonah “In Balance” with Tai Chi

David Cunniff of In Balance Tai Chi

Tai Chi is growing in popularity every day, and the In Balance Tai Chi Studio in Katonah is celebrating two years of spreading the healthy word. Those looking for a way to control daily stress and get in shape without strenuous exercise should consider the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, which combine controlled breathing with gentle stretching movements. Tai Chi reduces stress, alleviates ailments and injuries, and creates a calming environment while promoting balance and healing.

At In Balance, small personal classes and a comfortable atmosphere create a positive approach to exercising and learning, and newcomers can attend one Tuesday 7:30 p.m. beginners’ class for free.

To register for a free beginner’s class or receive information on class schedules, contact Sifu David Cunniff at 914.262.1478 or, or visit In Balance Tai Chi Studio is located at 190 Goldens Bridge Court, Suite 6A in Katonah, NY.

Farmers Network Meeting at the Westchester Land Trust

Linsay Cochrane of Kitchawan Farm

Monday, December 6, 2010, from 6 to 7:45 p.m. at the Westchester Land Trust, 403 Harris Road in Bedford Hills, NY.

Updates given on the Farmer-Landowner Match program, the CRAFT intern program, and the Crop Mob volunteer program. Then a panel that includes chefs, farmers and a restaurant owner, answers questions about the successful relationships forged at the Chef-Farmer Speed Meeting at the last Chef to Farm Tour.

RSVP: Eileen Hochberg;;  914.241.6346 x12.


New Westchester Women Networking Launched

Linda Rey of Rey Insurance, PWW President Jamie Imperati, Rose Colonna of Tasteful Treats & Treasures Gift Baskets & Lisa Kaslyn of Kashen Communications

Last March, Jamie Imperati launched the Professional Women of Putnam (PWP), following it in October with the Professional Women of Connecticut (PWC). Now Imperati has brought this successful model to Westchester as the third chapter in her business networking adventure.

“The past seven months have been a blur,” she admits. “After I launched PWP and I saw the onslaught of enthusiasm and the consistently large turnout at our monthly meetings, a light bulb went off. I was following my dream and my passion, which resulted in the creation of a new standard for networking, as well as a unique platform for professional women to support and learn from one another. I couldn’t stop with Putnam—professional women of Westchester and Connecticut need this kind of experience, too.” The Professional Women of Westchester (PWW) group encourages women from a variety of professions and trades to connect and support each other in a non-competitive environment. The PWW doesn’t exclude anyone from any business, Imperati notes. “We believe there are enough growth opportunities out there for everyone,” she says.

The next PWW meeting, a holiday party, is December 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Gervasi’s, 324 Central Avenue in White Plains, New York. The $10 cost, which must be pre-paid, includes appetizers; there will also be a cash bar. Register online at The group will be accepting donations for Hope’s Door at this event.

To become a PWW member, visit Membership dues are $69 per year.

Fair Trade Festival Saturday, December 4, 2010, from 10am-5pm, in White Plains, NY

The 2010 Fair Trade Festival & Crafts Sale will take place December 4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains, NY. Now in its 13th year, the festival features handmade crafts, foods and other offerings produced by sustenance-level workers. Offerings from past festivals have included coffee, tea and chocolate; crafts from Argentina and Africa; handmade jewelry and toys from Mexico and elsewhere; local, all-natural soaps; and Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan textiles and clothing.

Fair trade partnerships use dialogue, transparency and respect to achieve greater equity in international trade. Fair trade also contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.

The event will feature live music, and there will be lunch, international foods and homemade baked goods available for sale. Among its organizers are Memorial United Methodist Church, The LOFT LGBT Community Services Center, the Westchester Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence, and WESPAC Foundation.

There is a suggested donation for admission of $2-5. The Memorial United Methodist Church is located at 250 Bryant Ave. in White Plains. For more information, call 914.861.5465 or visit


Free Talk on Holiday Eating Strategies, Dec. 4, 2010, in Tuckahoe, NY with Jeanne Ricks

Jeanne Ricks

On December 4, at 5 p.m., join Jeanne Ricks at Rev Fitness in Tuckahoe for a free lecture entitled “Eat smart – Why you DON’T have to gain winter weight!” Rev Fitness is owned by Steve Lee and focuses not only on sports specific training but also on personal fitness.

“Fitness is just what we want to help folks focus on,” says Jeanne. “It’s not simply about losing weight or keeping those extra pounds away, it really is all about feeling healthier in your body and having the energy you want or need to do anything easily and effortlessly and live your life to the fullest.”

In her free lecture, Jeanne will discuss Calorie Density, Gluten and other things to consider for those who will be working their way through holiday buffets and trying to make more conscious choices. Jeanne says it’s critical for everyone to learn how to balance their own unique digestive system and use supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes. Her talk will also touch upon holiday stress release and workout strategies, interval training, and easy recipe substitutions to reduce fat in holiday recipes. “We all get tempted by the ‘white stuff’ at holiday time,” says Jeanne, “and I don’t mean snow!”

Rev Fitness is located at 38 Oak Avenue in Tuckahoe, NY. Contact Jeanne Ricks at, 914.319.3220 or 212.502.3579. Her website is


Purification Retreats Start at Wainwright House in Rye, NY

The Wainwright HouseTwo Purification Weekend Retreats, which include meditation, detoxification and other natural purification techniques, will be held in early December at the Wainwright House in Rye, NY.

One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the modern precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition, says Brigitte Shotiminrin, founder and owner of WellSpring Holistic Health Center, which is hosting the retreats. “In today’s world there’s a substitution of the artificial for the natural,” she says. “This is a key cause in malnutrition, premature aging and toxin accumulation—which is a major contributor to degenerative diseases.” Purification and detoxification are necessary for good health and proper absorption of nutrients, she adds.

The retreats, scheduled for December 3-5 and 10-12, offer practical and nutritional assistance with a program designed to educate participants about preventive and healing healthcare, as well as pre- and post-surgical procedures. The retreat schedule includes meditation for mindful relaxation, iridology, detoxification treatments, yoga, and purification meals. Lodging is provided. Shotiminrin is a nutritionist and healthcare professional. “My many patients know me as the go-to purification priestess,” she says. “I stand behind my knowledgeable and responsible attention, and it’s my pride and happiness to help others find the true source of health.”

The Wainwright House is located at 260 Stuyvesant Ave. in Rye. WellSpring Holistic Health Center is located at 1415 Boston Post Rd., Larchmont, NY. For pricing and other retreat information, call the Center at 914.341.1246.

Critical Choices: Nutritional Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Cancer

By Dr. Michael Wald

Oncology patients looking for a natural treatment option face a daunting task. There are myriad alternative and complementary therapies for treating cancer, including—but certainly not limited to—herbology, dietary therapies, and the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other natural compounds; chiropractic, acupuncture and naturopathy; and Reiki and other energy healing systems. Nutritional therapy, in particular, has become an increasingly popular natural treatment option for cancer patients. With nutritional therapy, as with any other natural cancer treatment, choosing the right expert to direct that treatment is as important as the choice of therapy itself. If you are faced with this critical choice, here are a few things to consider:

Make sure your practitioner has experience with your type of cancer.

Ideally, your nutritional therapist will have actively treated cases like yours, participates in ongoing research on the subject, and is willing to take you on as a patient. He should not only have a nuanced understanding of how nutritional therapies apply to your particular diagnosis (such as ovarian cancer or breast cancer), but he must also be aware of your biochemical and nutritional idiosyncrasies—the subtleties that make up the background of your cancer diagnosis.

Someone with ovarian cancer, for example, often has a complex and highly individualized history. The primary lesion in the ovaries may have a genetic link, reflecting an inherited predisposition to the disease. But that predisposition may have been triggered by the patient’s unique blend of biochemical and environmental factors, such as hormonal imbalances stemming from toxicities, inadequate nutrition, or stress. The nutritional therapist should understand and consider these complex factors when designing a course of treatment, rather than simply providing a “knee jerk” response and recommending the clichéd nutrients you might find in any encyclopedia of natural therapies. While the practitioner should have a fundamental knowledge of these basic protocols, he should also have the biochemical expertise and intellectual skills required to uncover his patient’s unique nutritional needs.

Nutritional therapies should be geared toward your type of cancer as well as how that cancer might manifest itself in your body.

A good nutritional therapist will be aware of your unique needs based on specific test results. If tests show that your cancer has spread to other organs, for example, she will understand the importance of nutritional protocols enhancing the adherence of cancer cells, so they don’t break apart from tumors and spread further. She will also adapt her therapy to help prevent leaking of lymphatic, vascular and organ membranes—critical to forestalling metastatic spread. A focus on your unique immune disorder may also be appropriate.

In other words, she will go far beyond the standard nutritional protocol. All too often, practitioners stop at the basics, not realizing that these otherwise sound nutritional remedies may have nothing whatsoever to do with a patient’s unique needs and how that patient’s physiology has expressed the cancer process.

The best therapy includes individualized, reliable and reproducible nutritional and lab testing.

It’s not unusual for oncologists and other healthcare providers to overlook key nutritional information that testing reveals about their cancer patients. And while many of my patients tell me, “I’ve had every test you can imagine,” I often find this simply isn’t the case—many useful and practical tests have been dismissed or not even considered, and the patient loses out.

The most effective nutritional practitioner has been educated to interpret laboratory work and has a thorough understanding of the connection between nutrition and cancer. Essentially, the practitioner should consider each case from multiple angles, including a detailed medical and nutritional history, a nutritionally oriented physical examination, and appropriate and reliable lab work. These tools, used together, are far more effective than any one tool used alone.

Pay attention to “bedside manner.”

A practitioner’s unyielding commitment to the health and well-being of the cancer patient should be obvious. When you meet him, you should sense that you’re in the presence of someone who will use whatever resources are available, and spend whatever time is necessary, to help you.

It has been my experience that even the most well-intentioned oncologists have little practical education in natural approaches to cancer treatment. They might have some rudimentary knowledge about how specific nutrients interact with certain chemotherapy drugs, surgeries and radiation. But I’ve found that many of their notions regarding nutritional contraindications are simply not scientifically valid or even reasonable.

Ultimately, your practitioner must be your advocate—not just in word, but in action. Insist on 100 percent, 24/7 access to your practitioner by phone, e-mail or some other form of communication. I can tell you that the most demanding patients usually get the best care. I appreciate patients who advocate for themselves, actively researching and talking to me about their case. After all, it’s their lives we’re working to improve.

Dr. Michael Wald practices at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, 495 Main St., Mount Kisco, NY. For more information, call his offices at 914.242.8844, or visit

December 2010 Calendar Listings from Natural Awakenings Magazine

Upcoming Events…

Please call ahead to confirm event details.

Wednesday, December 1

Bladder Basics School – 10:30am w/Susan Riordan, PT from SRM Women’s Health Physical Therapy. Stress and urge incontinence and the proper exercise to perform. Jumpin’ Jeepers, Route 6, Mahopac. Contact Susan: 914.488.5440.

Open House – 5pm. Learn about unique Masters Degree and Certificate Programs in emerging fields of inquiry. The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT. 203.874.4252;

Thursday, December 2

Stress Is Gone Meetup – 1-2pm & 7-8pm (12/2, 12/9). Get year round stress relief; feel tension leave the body and feel better about the future. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center, 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Free. 917.445.1767;

Pendulum Class – 7-9pm w/Bente Hansen. An interactive evening of fun and learning with the pendulum. Get questions answered and leave feeling more confident about how to dowse accurately. Synchronicity. $25. 845.855.1172;

Message Circle – 7-9pm. In a safe, friendly and protected environment, join experienced psychic medium Priscilla Keresey as she channels information, guidance, psychic impressions and messages from the other side. Opal Moon Wellness Center, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton. $40. Registration required. 914.788.4955.

Friday, December 3

Purification Retreat – (12/3, 12/4, 12/5). Sponsored by WellSpring Holistic Health Center, enjoy a relaxing weekend that includes education on preventive and healing health care, yoga, detoxification treatments, purification meals, lodging and more. Wainwright House, Rye. Info/register: 914.341.1246.

Yoga Essentials – 6-7:20pm w/Michael (12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 12/24). An instructional class includes a free flow of asana, and a generally relaxed atmosphere. 1st class free/drop-in $18. The YogaScape and Spa, 1100 Rt.52, 2nd floor, Carmel. 845.225.9642.

New Moon Drumming – 6:30-8pm w/Gail Kellstrom. Celebrate in the Cherokee tradition; bring drums and/or rattles, or extras available. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave., Katonah. $20/suggested donation. 914.232.0382;

Ladies Night Out – 7-10pm. Shopping event at Club Fit JV with  DJ, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cash bar, 30+ vendors, eco-friendly goody bags & grand prize raffle ticket ($1,000 value), only $15. Benefits the Lakeland Education Foundation. 914.396.7664.

Guest Speaker/Author – 7-9pm. The Graduate Institute hosts renowned author and healer Caroline Myss in a special evening presentation. Yale University, SSS room 114. Pre-paid registration required. The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT. 203.874.4252;

Saturday, December 4

Naturalist’s Choice Hike – 10am. Join a museum naturalist and find some of the exciting ecological events that are occurring this season. Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River. $4/with park pass; $8/no pass. Info: 914.864.7322.

Fair Trade Festival & Crafts Sale – 10am-5pm. Handmade crafts, foods and other offerings. Suggested donation $2-5. The Memorial United Methodist Church, 250 Bryant Ave. White Plains.¬ Info: 914.861.5465;

Holistic Moms Network – 1-3pm. South Westchester chapter discusses remedies for winter maladies. Full Circle Family Care Clinic, 1241 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains. All are welcome. Free. Info: 917.543.2519.

Money Lecture – 1-5pm w/Elizabeth Brown. Learn how to shift beliefs about money and begin creating more revenue, despite the economy. Opal Moon Wellness Center, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton. $90. Registration required. 914.788.4955;

New Moon Ceremony – 2-4pm w/Spiritual Astrologer Demitra Vassiliadis. Learn the power of working with the moon cycles in everyday life. Bring a journal for writing intentions. Opal Moon Wellness Center, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton. $20. Registration required. 914.788.4955;

The Journey and the Pause – 4-6pm w/Johanna Aldrich. Enjoy a flowing vinyasa practice with pranayama and meditation. For those who have a strong foundational practice and want to let go and flow. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $40. 914.241.9642;

Talk on Holiday Eating Strategies – 5pm. w/Jeanne Ricks. Learn about calorie density, gluten and other things to consider to get through holiday buffets and make more conscious choices. Rev Fitness, 38 Oak Ave. Tuckahoe. Info: 914.319.3220.

Holiday Re-charge Restorative Yoga – 5-7pm w/ Randi Zinn. Melt away holiday madness and gain energy to make it through this busy season, calm and centered. Liberation Yoga & Wellness Center, Mahopac. $30/pre-register, $35/door. Register/info: 845.803.8389;

Starway to Heaven – 5:30pm. Join the Westchester Amateur Astronomers in the Meadow parking lot for star gazing through telescopes. Weather permitting. Cloud date: December 11. Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River. Free. 914.864.7322.

Sunday, December 5

Rye Farmers Market – 8:30am-2pm (12/5, 12/12, 12/19).  Rain, snow or shine, purchase seasonal produce, baked goods and specialty foods from local growers and food artisans. Theodore Fremd Ave. behind Purchase St. stores. 914.923.4837;

Teatown Kitchawan Trail Hike – 10am-2pm. Hike on the TK trail, starting at Kitchawan Preserve; a one-way hike of about 6 miles with some steep sections. A Teatown van will bring hikers back to Kitchawan. Ossining. 914.762.2912 x110;

Reiki II Class – 10am-5pm w/Marcus. Receive attunement and learn how to use the three Reiki II symbols. These symbols increase the power of the Reiki I attunement. Synchronicity. $175. 845.855.1172;

Psychic Sunday – 11am-4pm. Carol De Wolff and Jay Connors Browne of the Psychic Guild of NJ & NY return for a day of tarot and astrology readings. Opal Moon Wellness Center, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton.  $40/20min. $75/30min. Registration preferred. 914.788.4955;

Trim the Nature Tree – 1pm. Join Senior Naturalist Dean Fausel in making tree-trimming treats for wildlife friends; then going out to the winter’s landscape to decorate the trees. Greenburgh Nature Center, 99 Dromore Rd. Scarsdale.  $6/non-member. 914.723.3470;

Ceramic Art Reception – 1-5pm. Curator Harriet Ross of the Westchester Community College for the Arts presents: “Gifts of Fire and Clay” featuring 12 area ceramic artists displaying decorative and functional pottery. Flat Iron Gallery, Peekskill. 914.734.1894.

Community Yoga Class – 1:30-2:30pm.Visit the Yogascape and Spa for a free community class held the first Sunday of each month. 1100 Rt. 52, 2nd floor (at Farmers Mills Rd.), Carmel. 845.225.9642;

Monday, December 6

Body, Mind, & Stress Relief – 6-7:30pm. Learn how to eliminate stress with breathing techniques & meditation. Somers Library. 914.232.5717;

Professional Women of Westchester Networking Event – 6-8pm. Holiday event at Gervasi’s, 324 Center Ave., White Plains. Donations for Hopes Door will be accepted. $10/includes appetizers. Cash bar. Pre-pay at:

Healing Meditation/Workshop – 7-9pm (12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/27) w/Birinder Bhullar, author of The Supreme Being. Learn to heal the self, layer by layer, creating a foundation for spiritual seeking. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave., Katonah. $35/ea. 914.232.0382;

Pre-Natal Yoga – 9:30-10:45am (Thursdays: 11/4-12/16). Designed for moms-to-be, class will strengthen and open, cultivating breath awareness and mind-body unity all through yoga poses modified for the unique requirements of the pregnant body. Quest Yoga Arts. $150/6wks. 914.241.9642;

Stress Is Gone Meetup – 1–2pm & 7–8pm. Get to the source of stress. Feel tension leaving the body and feel better about the future. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Free. 917.445.1767;

Ladies’ Comedy Night – 7pm. Presented by The Rye Arts Center. Cocktails at 7pm; light supper at 7:30pm; show starts at 8pm. Reservation for table of 6 only. $55. Info: 914.967.0700.

For The Next 7 Generations – 7:30pm. Award winning documentary that tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers who came together to help create a new way of life that brings the planet back into balance. Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Ave., Rye. 914.967.6080;

Tuesday, December 7

Managing Holiday Stress/Holiday Blues – 6-7pm. Learn natural, self-care techniques to alleviate stress and enhance well being. Healing Source Physical Therapy, 20 Milltown Rd., Ste. 104A, Brewster. Free. Register: 845.363.1035.

Natural Awakenings Anniversary/Holiday Party – 6-8pm. Kick off the holidays and help us celebrate at the Flying Pig in Mt. Kisco. Complementary buffet & cash bar. Guitar music by Dennis Winge ( RSVP Required: 914.617.8750.

Benefits of Network Spinal Analysis – 7pm w/Dr. Lawrence G. Stern, DC. New approach to relieving stress, pain and improve well-being. Stern Chiropractic, 27 Radio Circle Dr., Ste.104,   Mt. Kisco. Free. 914.864.2222.

Wednesday, December 8

Professional Women of Putnam Networking Event – 6-9pm. Holiday party at Southside Inn, 911 S. Lake Blvd., Mahopac. A portion of the evening’s proceeds donated to the Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center. $25/includes dinner/dessert. Cash bar. Register:

Thursday, December 9

Psychic Development – 7-9pm (12/9, 12/16) w/Priscilla Keresey. Interactive workshop to discover and experience which of the para-senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, and clairgustience) are strongest in order to further develop this skill. Synchronicity. $150/both. 845.855.1172;

Introductory to Life Coaching Workshop – 7-9pm w/Lisa St John. Discover how to grow by the power of dreams rather than wounds. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave. Katonah. Registration required. Free. 914.232.0382;

Friday, December 10

Purification Retreat – (12/10, 12/11, 12/12). Sponsored by WellSpring Holistic Health Center, enjoy a relaxing weekend that includes education on preventive and healing health care; yoga, detoxification treatments, purification meals, lodging and more. Wainwright House, Rye. Info: 914.341.1246.

Metta Massage Open House – 6:30-9pm. Come discover this beautiful space; get a free chair massage and take advantage of the annual buy one get one free gift certificate sale (cash/check only). The YogaScape, 1100 Rte. 52, Carmel. 845.553.3137;

Reiki Circle – 7-9pm. Everyone, with or without experience, is invited to receive and give this heart centered energy. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. $10. 914.769.1446;

Holistic Network Holiday Party – 7-11pm. Blue Horizons & Westchester Holistic Networks join forces for a holiday bash. Eat, drink and have a blast; dinner, dancing, networking and fun. Best Western Hotel in Nyack. $25. 914.422.1784;

Saturday, December 11

Reiki I Workshop – 9:30am-4pm (12/11, 12/12) w/Ginny Mackles, Reiki Master. Be attuned and certified to the first level of Reiki. Millwood. $175. 914.762.7761;

Jin Shin Do® Acupressure Facial – 11am-5pm. Learn over 20 acu-point combinations, balancing energies in face, neck and shoulders, resulting in glowing skin, relaxed facial muscles, “lifting years” of stress. CEU’S available. Katonah. $125. Gail Kellstrom: 914.232.5754.

Peace Flag Art Exhibit Opening Reception – 2-4pm. An exhibition of hand-felted wool Peace Flags at the Rye Arts Center. 51 Milton Rd. Rye. Info: 914.967.0700;

Village Holiday Party – 3-7pm. Join the shops for an early evening of holiday spirit and shopping at Yellow Monkey Village. 792 Rt.35, Cross River. Info:  914.763.6320.

Sunday, December 12

Indoor Farmers Market – 10am-3pm. Fresh produce, delicious baked goods and more are offered by local farmers. Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave., White Plains. $4/parking. 914.995.4050.

Reiki Healing Circle – 11am-1pm. No prior training or experience is required; just the sincere intention for healing. Everyone will have a turn on the table. Opal Moon Wellness Center, 2037 Albany Post Rd., Croton. $20. Registration required. 914.788.4955;

Reiki I Workshop & Certification – 12-3pm wTammy Toscano. Workshop includes class, attunement, materials, complimentary snacks, and certification. No previous experience required. Bring a friend, get 10% discount. Suzy’s Healing Center, Patterson. $175. Pre-registration: 860.248.5883.

Back 40 Hike – 1pm. Preserve staff leads to some hidden gems, including a swamp overlook on this 2.5-mile hike. The back 40 is an underused and underappreciated part of the preserve. Cranberry Lake Preserve, North White Plains. Free. 914.428.1005.

Meditation/Satsang – 1:30-2:30pm w/Amy Pearce-Hayden. Join in a practice of stilling the mind, followed by group discussion regarding aspects of yogic philosophy. Yogascape and Spa, 1100 Rt. 52, 2nd floor, Carmel. Free. 845.225.9642;

Shamanic Drumming Circle – 1:30-4pm. Drum, rattle, dance, journey and connect with nature for both personal and planetary healing. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. $30. 914.237.0241;

Sunday Concert Series – 2pm. Featuring Bret Williams; hailed as a guitarist of “spectacular energy and technical resource” (Nylon Review) and billed as a “rising star in the New York classical guitar scene” (New York Classical Guitar Society). Somers Library. Info: 914.232.5717.

Restorative Yoga Workshop – 5-7pm. The practice of restorative yoga will release deeply held tensions, calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, and increase self-awareness. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $25. 914.241.9642;

Tuesday, December 14

Westchester Holistic Breakfast – 8-10am. Join a group of holistically-minded people from all walks of life, and enjoy an organic breakfast in a beautiful setting. Convent of the Divine Compassion, 52 N. Broadway, White Plains. $15/members or $18. 914.422.1784;

Angelic Guided Meditation – 7-9pm w/Francine Vale. Integrate more fully into alignment with the Higher Self, learning greater self-empowerment. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center, 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. $25. 917.445.1767;

Wednesday, December 15

Reiki Share – 7-9pm. For practitioners of all levels, everyone has an opportunity to both give and receive this healing energy. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave. Katonah. $10/suggested donation.  914.232.0382;

Thursday, December 16

Past Life Regression Workshop – 7-9pm w/Saundra Blum. Explore past experiences that influence life today in a safe, loving atmosphere. Awakenings, 215 Katonah Ave., Katonah. $25.  914.232.0382;

Kirtan – 7:30-9:30. w/ Dennis Winge. 3rd Thursdays. Bring mat or pillow to sit on, or chairs available. Can bring percussion instruments. Free, donation of $5 or $10 appreciated. St. Paul’s on the Hill (kirtan to be held in parish hall) 40 Ganung Dr. Ossining. Info: 914.941.6627;

Saturday, December 18

Project Feeder Watch – Co-sponsored by Hudson River Audubon Society, Inc. Call for time. Lenoir Preserve, Dudley St., Yonkers. 914.968.5851.

Annual Christmas Bird Count – 9am. Help Teatown educators in this very important census, hiking the trails to count wintering birds. Compilation dinner held at 5:30pm at Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley Rd., Ossining. $6/pp dinner. RSVP: 914.762.2912 x135;

Hike the Hudson – 9:30am. Join in for an invigorating early winter hike through Croton Point along the majestic Hudson. Croton Point Nature Center, Croton on Hudson. Free. 914.862.5297.

Family Yoga Workshop – 1:30-2:15pm (ages 3-6 w/parents) 2:30-3:30pm (ages 7 & up w/parents). Families will participate in a variety of asanas, exploring partner poses as well as partnered breathing exercises. Quest Yoga Arts, Mt. Kisco. $25/2people; $5/additional family member. 914.241.9642;

The Guiding Light Jewelry Trunk Show – 2-6pm. Open to all. Enjoy an opportunity to buy a piece of television history, and meet 10-time Emmy nominated, costume designer, Shawn Reeves. Treasures & Tales, 139 Grand St., Croton on Hudson. Info: 914.862.0632

Sunday, December 19

More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop – 2-4:30pm w/ Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant. $45. Schedule a private sessions w/Elka, available 12/16-12/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St. Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767;

Open Dianic Eclectic Solstice Circle – 3-5pm. Circle starts at 3pm; bring a healthy snack to share in lieu of admission. Circle of Tranquility, Hawthorne. 914.769.1446;

Winter Solstice Celebration at Wainwright House – 5pm. Including Fire Ceremony with Susan Wright & Leigh Reeves. Free. Wainwright House, 260 Stuyvesant Ave. Rye. Info: 914.967.6080;

Prema Birthing Certification Class – 5:30-8:30pm w/Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant, $400. Schedule a private session w/Elka, available 12/16-12/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center. 32 Main St. Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767;

Kundalini Yoga – 6-7:30pm. Raise consciousness by connecting the body-mind-spirit with the subtle energies of the body, such as prana, and the chakras. Quest Yoga Arts, 11-13 Main St., Mt. Kisco. $20. 914.241.9642;

Tuesday, December 21

Rising Star Healing System Initiation – 5-9pm w/Elka Boren, Shaman & Clairvoyant. $700. Schedule a private session w/Elka, available 12/16-12/21. Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy & Healing Arts Center, 32 Main St., Hastings on Hudson. Register/info: 917.445.1767;

Meditation Class – 7-9pm w/Kimberly. Class identifies the reasons for, and the benefits of relaxation and ‘centeredness’ through meditation. Class teaches techniques and exercises for relaxing the body and emptying the mind. Synchronicity. $20. 845.855.1172;

Fibromyalgia Support Group – 7:30pm. A positive meeting place where those with Fibromyalgia can share challenges and similar problems with others. 20 Old Mamaroneck Road, Ste.1C, White Plains. Membership is free. Jennifer: 914.686.6200.

Wednesday, December 22

Meditation to Honor the Solstice – 7-8pm. Guidance with breathing, letting go, relaxing the physical body and connecting with the deeper self. Divine Compassion Spirituality Center, 52 North Broadway, 2nd floor, White Plains.  $15. 914.798.1202.

Caroline Myss Joins Graduate Institute Faculty in Bethany, CT

Caroline Myss, Graduate Institute Faculty

Five-time New York Times bestselling author Caroline Myss has joined the faculty of The Graduate Institute of Bethany, Connecticut. Known for her unique views on the connection between health, healing and spirituality, as well as her work as a medical intuitive, Myss will serve as visiting faculty for the Master of Arts in Experiential Health and Healing.

Myss offers lectures and workshops around the world that focus on human consciousness, energy medicine, mysticism and spirituality. “Myss’ work is well-aligned with the goals of the Masters in Experiential Health and Healing, which focuses on forwarding a humanistic model of care that honors the deep interconnection of the body, mind and spirit,” says A. Harris Stone, EdD, chancellor of The Graduate Institute. “The program delivers direct experiences in both Eastern and Western forms of healing, and draws on the research and insights of many notable practitioners, including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Steven Horowitz, Dr. C. Norm Shealy and other visionary healers.”

On December 3 at 7 p.m., Caroline Myss will offer a special presentation to colleagues in the Institute’s Experiential Health and Healing program. A select number of tickets will be available for purchase to the general public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For tickets and more information, visit or call 203.874.4252.

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